fitted sliding wardrobe

Need more space? Move on to Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are in vogue and have taken over the wardrobe production by storm. They offer a wide range of functions and save you a great deal of space compared to a conventional hinged wardrobe. It not only helps you trim down clutter…
fitted small bedroom ideas

Small Bedroom? Not a problem anymore.

Fitted bedroom ideas for small bedrooms Do you have a Small Bedroom and looking for furniture that fits in, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how you can make your bedroom a beautiful haven for you. We at Capital Bedrooms…
capital fitted wardrobe

How to make sure you buy the right wardrobe fit for your home

Your wardrobe is one of the most important piece of furniture in your home. It’s one of the biggest, as well as one of the most regular used – so how can you be sure of buying the wardrobe that best matches both your aesthetic and practical…
home decor ideas by capital bedrooms

Estimated Interior Decor Ideas for Your Home

Estimated Interior Decor Ideas for Your Home. Not everyone can spend big, when it comes to decorating their living room, dining room and bedroom. That does not mean that you give up or  settle for the second best . Upgrading your…

Tremendous Benefits in Choosing Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

If you are looking for a smart way to store and organise your clothing items, custom-made bespoke fitted wardrobes, completely tailored to your space and needs is the ideal choice. The word bespoke means "made to order" or customised. Having…


There is room for a dining area in every kitchen. With open designs, this living and cooking area connects with each other. If it is housed in the kitchen itself, depending on the size and layout of the room, it has the shape of a generous table.…
Brown Orleans Oak and Ink Black Home Office

Inspiring Home Office

One of the most effective ways to transform an unused space into an inspiring home office is to use innovative office storage systems to keep your area neat, organised and looking great. You can use a blend of fitted cupboards and cabinets,…
Dark Grey Linen Kitchen Furniture in London

Custom-made Kitchens fitted fast with the biggest furniture factory

If you could have a custom-made fitted kitchen, what would it look like and what would you have in it? To get some ideas, you could start by looking at magazines or browsing the internet. You may also have your basic kitchen idea like but finding…
fitted wardrobes and bedrooms 2018

Fitted wardrobes (how they play a key role in the look of the bedroom)

For people, fitted and built in wardrobes play a key role in the overall look and functionality of the bedroom. Apart from the bed, the wardrobe is usually the only other feature that takes up a large part of the space. So, it's only right to…
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Living Room

What does it take to Love your Home?

Every person who had to furnish and decorate their home knows it is difficult, time and money consuming, requires a lot of imagination and advance planning to get your home to look nice. It takes double the effort to make you love it but not necessarily twice the budget. Creativity and personalization help a lot. And while there are plenty of expert interior designers, sometimes styling the space yourself could be a more rewarding experience. After all, you will leave your print in every stage of the furnishing and decorating process.
fitted wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobe install and usage advantages

More and more people choose to install fitted wardrobes into their bedrooms because of the many advantages fitted wardrobes come with. One of the most obvious advantages if the fact that fitted wardrobes can be designed and installed in such a way that it will blend perfectly with the rest of the room and it will not stand off as something that is taking a lot of space giving out an uncomfortable feeling.
bespoke fitted wardrobes

Our passion for fitted wardrobes

There is no room in any house, apartment or office area which cannot use a bespoke wardrobe. It doesn’t matter the size and it doesn’t matter the shape, space can be fully optimized with the use of fitted wardrobes, from which come the efficiency and beauty of these furniture items, our reasons why we love them, design them and create them.
Matt Finish Kitchen

Fitted furniture for individualised kitchen

With bespoke furniture no two kitchens are the same. For modern homes and modern families, the cooking area should be a practical space where all the dishes, accessories and ingredients are easy to reach. No matter how much time you spend in the kitchen you can be efficient if the design is thought out, making it easy for you to cook fast and enjoy the experience.
Wood Finish Fitted Wardrobe

Six reasons to choose fitted furniture

When it comes to furniture you will always have these two choices, buy ready-made or bespoke. Though many believe that with ready-made furniture is easier, it might not be the case as after the purchase and when it arrives to your place you might still need to mount it yourself. In addition, there will be empty places left as it is difficult to find the perfect sized furniture to best fit a certain room.