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Modern Black Living Room Interior
Modern Black Living Room Interior


Home Living inspiration by Capital Bedrooms

Isn’t it comforting when you come home to a cosy and relaxing living room after a tiring day and settle in with a good cup of coffee, a good book or maybe your favourite show?

If its tranquillity you are looking for or just entertaining guest our few tips will surely bring in warmth into your living room.

Lay-over Layers

Layer up your living room and make it cosy and comforting with beautiful coloured rugs and pillows. They instantly warm up your room. Throw in a fluffy rug instead of a carpet rug under your side tables. Make extra room for guest with floor pillows for seating

Light up

Warm lighting is essential for a cosy living room. It’s good to get various elements of light and place them at different heights throughout the room. Use soft warm glow bulbs.

Polish it right.

Any old living room furniture lying around can be upgraded by simply polishing it well or re-painting it to match your living room decor. One can also use decorative furniture stickers available online or in the market. Colours like Gold and chestnut applied on fitted wardrobes make the atmosphere more appealing and inviting.

Book by Book

Place books strategically to give a positive vibe. Placing them under your coffee table or even using them as centrepieces can give it a lived-in feeling. You can even leave it on your side tables to give it a classy look.

Touch up with leather

Incorporate just one leather item like a single seater sofa or a recliner or even an armchair and it will warm up your entire space.

Let’s Plant it

Want to add a healthy dose of freshness to your room? Add in Potted plants and flower bouquets and bring in a touch of homeliness.

Frame a memory

Photo frames – colourful or black and white, with images of your favourite memories, add a personal touch to any space.

Collector’s Desire

Show of a bit with a display of personal collections from your travels or an inherited piece and you will always have a story to tell when you have family or friends over

If any of these ideas have inspired you to transform your personal space do let us know.

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Live it up in your living room.

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