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Conquer Your Workday from Home with a Streamlined Wardrobe

Turn your home office into a productivity haven with a custom-made wardrobe

Juggling work and home life can be tricky, especially when your workspace doubles as your bedroom. But fear not! A well-designed home office wardrobe can be your secret weapon for organisation and focus. Imagine hidden clutter, designated storage for work essentials, and a space that instantly transitions from professional to personal. At Capital Bedrooms, we create bespoke wardrobe units that complement your style and maximise functionality. Book a free design consultation today and let's craft the perfect home office haven for you!

Home office

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Built for Focus, Designed for You: The Home Office Wardrobe that Makes a Statement

Storage solutions that complement your style and boost productivity

Let's face it, a cluttered workspace can zap your motivation. At Capital Bedrooms, we believe your home office should be an inspiring and organised haven. Our custom-built wardrobe units go beyond basic storage. We offer a variety of styles, finishes, and configurations to suit your taste and accommodate your specific needs. Imagine sleek drawers for files, open shelving for favourite books, and a designated hanging space for that power outfit. Let's design a home office wardrobe that reflects your unique style and fuels your productivity.

Elevate Your Home Office with Bespoke Wardrobes that Speak Your Language

Craft a space that reflects your personality and inspires creativity

Your home office is your sanctuary. It's where you recharge, connect with loved ones, and fuel your creativity. Why not make it a reflection of your unique personality and passions? At Capital Bedrooms, we design bespoke wardrobe units that embrace your style and boost your creativity. Imagine a custom-built wardrobe with hidden compartments for art supplies, a bookshelf dedicated to your favourite novels, and a built-in desk with a statement lamp. Let's create a home office wardrobe that inspires and motivates you to reach your full potential.

How much do Home office unit cost?

Home Office Makeover Alert! (£600-£1500)

Upgrade your workspace with Capital Bedrooms' bespoke home office wardrobes! Prices start from a budget-friendly £600 and go up to £1500, offering solutions for every need.
Declutter, maximize space, and work smarter, not harder. Free consultations guarantee a personalized solution that reflects your style and needs.
Don't wait! Contact Capital Bedrooms today and unlock your home office potential.

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What Customer Says

Tim Rance
Tim Rance
Very fast and very good value. No complaints!
I used capital bedrooms recently for a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors, a study desk and cupboards either side of the chimney breast. The process from start to finish took about one month from design, order and to install. I worked with Mack on my designs who is very knowledgeable on the eggerboard product and makes really good use of space around the house. His sketches are helpful to visualise what youre thinking to install and he was happy to come out a few times to our house free of charge. Their factory in Wembley is worth a visit to see how their products look and to get a feel of their quality, which is definitely high end. Everyone there was nice to work with and it was only when I visited and saw the wardrobe that I really decided to go for their product. I was thinking of IKEA initially but with the flexibility and quality of the fitted furniture they provide, I was happy to spend more. I would suggest that the documentation of designs once finalised couldve been more accurate but this didn't matter much in my case because Mack had all the requirements, was very flexible and is happy to amend things where possible. The fitters did a good job but need to make sure they have everything before coming. Overall I'm happy with their service and work definitely recommend Mack from capital bedrooms and their products! I really like the idea of being able to google a product and having these guys design and build it to how i like!
M. Fawad Ansari
M. Fawad Ansari
Excellent work. Brilliant and professional job, to the requirements. High standard job for reasonable price. Remember, these guys use agre finished decorative panels all around which most others dont do.
Joe Cohen
Joe Cohen
The service we got from Mack and everyone at Capital was completely excellent, both on quality and price. They blew away the competition (your Spacemakers, Sharps etc) and I’ve been recommending them to friends and family ever since.
Andrew Rumble
Andrew Rumble
We're very pleased with our wardrobes from Capital Bedrooms. They have a unique range of beautiful finishes to choose from. They are always very polite and courteous in their dealings with customers, and offer good advice. I would recommend that you give them a try.
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