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fitted wardrobes

Whatever type, size or design of fitted wardrobes you might be looking for, you are now in the right place to get it! We can create a cosy bedroom, a practical home office, a modern TV lounge area or an amazing kitchen you have always dreamed of at lower prices than any high street brand might ever offer you.

At Capital Bedrooms, we specialize in

Fitted Wardrobes

, Fitted Sliding Wardrobes, Walk In Wardrobes, Attic Wardrobes and many other types of fitted furniture, even in unusual shapes and sizes.

What sets us apart from our competitors? First of all, it is the price that we offer you for the highest quality furniture and service. Our fitted wardrobes and kitchens are made from the best materials and as we are sure they are built to last, we give a 10 year guarantee on all products.

Still need more reasons to choose Capital Bedrooms? One of our most important selling points is to work quickly. You will not need to wait weeks or months to get your fitted wardrobes installed in your home. We will always try to provide you with the final product within 14 days of your order. We also have the largest selection of modern accessories for your bedroom or kitchen including pull out shoe racks, accessories draws, pull down hanging, trouser pull outs, tie racks, pull out mirrors as well as fantastic lighting solutions and many, many more.

30% Off Fitted Wardrobes ‘Till October 31st! Create your dream space with our amazing fitted bedrooms and kitchens. Book a free home design visit now!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Don’t wait any longer, grab your phone NOW and give us a call on 0800 0740566 or 0208 2262088 or use the contact form to send us a message with a convenient time for you and we’ll give you a ring!

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Compare us
We strongly believe in our products and our place in the fitted furniture market. This is how we compare with the rest of the retail furniture market.
COMPARE US Capital Bedrooms Top 5 high street companies Small independent showrooms 3 large DIY operators Website only operators
Have a showroom yes yes yes yes no
Made to measure yes(100% bespoke, any size) 30% only bespoke standard sizes standard sizes 30% bespoke
Styles of doors any style in the market place 60 40 40 40
Full carcasses yes (18mm solid mfc) varies varies varies varies
German accessories yes(standard soft-close for all) yes yes but varies extra charges extra charges
Fitted from order 2 weeks 4 weeks 4 to 5 weeks 5 weeks 4 weeks
Colour and finishes over 1000 80 50 50 100
In-house manufacturer 70% no no no no
Guarantee on furniture 10 years 5 to 15 years 5 years 10 years 5 years
Guarantee on labour 10 years 1 to 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year