Fitted Bedrooms in London

Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax, unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Therefore, it should be comfortable, practical and high in quality. Here at Capital Bedrooms London, we are proud to provide our customers with the finest fitted bedrooms which meet all of your individual needs and requirements. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or looking to sell your property, we work closely with you to help you plan, design and install the highest quality fitted bedroom furniture. There are plenty of different design choices which are available in a wide range of different colours and storage options to suit your personal tastes. Whether you prefer contemporary, modern or classic styles, you are sure to find a beautiful fitted bedroom which meets all of your needs.

The most important aspect of your bedroom is the space. For your bedroom to be functional and comfortable, you need sufficient space to move around without tight edges and clutter. A common problem with bedrooms is that the storage can be limited and many people squeeze their belongings into cabinets, wardrobes and even under their bed. This can make your bedroom appear disorganised and cluttered with very little space to move about. Fitted bedrooms can help to maximise your available space and increase your storage capacity for an organised, clutter-free environment.

At Capital Bedrooms London, we can help you create innovative storage solutions which optimise the valuable space within your bedroom. With a wide range of bespoke fitted furniture and floor to ceiling or wall to wall fitted wardrobes, finding your ideal storage solution has never been easier. You can even choose sliding wardrobe doors which are the perfect alternative to hinged doors as they save even more space in your bedroom. Fitted bedroom furniture can be altered to fit into almost any space, even awkward corners so no space is wasted. Another benefit of fitted bedroom furniture is that it is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. This is because there are no gaps or dust traps which can gather dirt, making cleaning and quick simple.

A key benefit of a fitted bedroom is that it will be a lot more durable and sturdier than free-standing furniture. As the furniture cannot be tipped, nudged or moved around easily, it will be a lot safer and lowers the risk of injury. This is particularly beneficial if you have young children or pets within your home. Fitted bedroom furniture can withstand years of heavy use and will last a lot longer than free-standing furniture, making it a good investment for your home.

Fitted bedrooms are available in a choice of different budgets so you can find a bedroom you love within your price range. They are also a great option for homeowners or those looking to sell their property as it adds significant value to your home. With an extensive choice of different sizes, shapes, materials, designs and storage options, your fitted bedroom will be truly tailored to you.

If you would like any more information about our stunning fitted bedrooms, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Capital Bedrooms London. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you expert advice about your upcoming bedroom project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Working The Room – Make Clever Use of Your Space

A few years ago, the BBC reported that Britain’s largest home, Wentworth Woodhouse in South Yorkshire, featuring 350 rooms was up for sale.

For those of us unable to stretch to the £8 million asking price for Wentworth Woodhouse, owning a property with lots of wide open space and multiple rooms remains, in reality,  a distant dream.  Astronomical property prices, particularly within the capital, mean that the average family home has 4.8 rooms (including one or two bedrooms).  In a recent survey, 48% of families reported that they are unable to socialise at home due to lack of space, let alone spare the space for a hobby room or office.

One Room – Two Uses

Taking the above into consideration, it may be that you’ve given up on the idea of having that home office or playroom altogether but, don’t despair, by making clever use of the rooms that you do have, it’s still possible to make dual use of your precious space.  The following guide will help you to transform your spare room into an office, playroom or even a dressing room with minimum fuss and effort.

Clear the Clutter

First, start by having a thorough clear out of the room – if it’s a spare bedroom at the moment then, chances are that this is the place where broken equipment and old clothes come to die.  Be ruthless about what you do and don’t need to keep in order to free up as much space as possible.   

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Space

In many cases, the original purpose of the room is that of a guest room – which means, of course, that you need a bed (unless you have the kind of guests who are happy on the floor!)  These days, there are numerous affordable options when it comes to bedding solutions, including sofa beds and portable folding beds.  Unless you particularly need sofa seating within the room, the best (and most economical) option is the handy foldable bed which can be quickly and easily wrapped up and stored when not in use.

If you’re going to be using the room as a home office, you can also get your hands on a foldable desk and chair so that you can easily swap out the bed and desk whenever you need to – perfect for those unexpected guests!

In the Closet

Aside from the bed, the one object which usually takes up the most space in a guest room is the wardrobe.  The average wardrobe is 24 inches deep which, within a small room, can make a huge difference – many UK spare rooms fit within the 75.35 square metre bracket and so those 24 inches is quite a chunk.  The best way to optimise the space in the room is to invest in a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors.  Surprisingly affordable, fitted wardrobes help to maximise the space in a room as well as looking great.

Who Says Wardrobes are Just for Clothes?

A fitted wardrobe can be designed to your own specifications in terms of storage sections – which means that it can be made to measure for your folding bed or desk, making the whole process effortless.

Making Room is Child’s Play

If you’re looking to repurpose your guest room as a part-time playroom, the first, clearing out stage is of paramount importance.  Think about the minimum that a guest will need (bed, side table and a space for clothing) and remove everything else in order to have as much floor space free as possible for your child to play and explore.

As with the home office, if you’re including a desk in your playroom, foldable versions can be found cheaply in most major furniture stores along with a child sized chair for rest time.  Your fitted wardrobe can be designed for quick storage of children’s furniture as well as games, toys and books so you’re ready for those overnight guests again in no time at all.

When creating your dual purpose room, make sure that you take a look at the decor.  Teddy bear wallpaper is great for a playroom but, for an adult guest room, not so much.  Try to stick to pleasant, neutral shades for the walls and carpet – you can always add portable pictures and ornaments in order to personalise the room for each of its identities.

Whatever your planning to use your room for, a fitted wardrobe is the ideal solution.  Elegant, spacious and versatile, a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors can help you to reclaim your precious space and make the most of your home.

For more information on fitted wardrobe solutions for small spaces, visit:

9 Wardrobe Questions – You asked, We answered.

We’ve collected 9 of the most asked questions about wardrobes and given some very straightforward answers. We’re always happy to give advice on wardrobes and show you what options are available.

1) What should I have in my wardrobe?

That’s of course up to you. People have different preferences about what is hung up and what is folded. Sometimes questions arise about whether non-clothes items should be in your wardrobe such as watches or wallets. This is becoming easier to answer with modern wardrobe accessories that add a lot of practicality. A drawer or slide out tray for personal accessories is entirely possible, especially when the wardrobe has been made to fit the customer’s requirements.

2) Is my wardrobe too big?

Your wardrobe is more than just a storage place. Its purpose goes beyond being somewhere to just put things as it also serves to improve the room aesthetically. If you open your wardrobe and there’s a lot of space not being used, then it may seem to you that the wardrobe is too big. But, would the room look better if you somehow made it smaller? If you need the space for something else, and you can afford to have a smaller wardrobe, then as long as it still looks good, maybe your current wardrobe is too big.

3) Why is my wardrobe wobbly?

No design should allow the wardrobe to be intentionally wobbly. If it does, then either the wardrobe is poorly designed or there’s an issue in the construction. Sometimes the environment around the wardrobe can change structurally and this can affect the wardrobe but this is a less likely cause. A wobbly wardrobe can be dangerous as there’s a chance it could collapse or pieces could fall off that present obvious dangers to both adults and small children.

4) How do I clear my wardrobe?

People, tastes and fashions are all changing constantly so it’s important to keep on top of the contents of your wardrobe to ensure you’re not holding onto anything that you’re not going to wear again. With the exception of special clothes such as evening dresses or tuxedos, it’s worth applying the 90-day rule. If you haven’t worn it for 90 days and don’t plan to wear it in the next 90 days, it shouldn’t be kept. Of course, you’ll need to adjust this for seasonal trends but it’s a good way to rationalise what you have in a wardrobe.

5) How do I put together a minimalist wardrobe?

Minimalism relies on the principle of only keeping what is necessary. That doesn’t mean you have to throw away the bulk of your clothes to achieve a minimalist effect but rather find a way to store things in such a way that it doesn’t appear cluttered. This comes down to more than the amount of space being occupied but rather how the space is organised.

6) Should I paint wardrobes?

This comes down to more than colour. If you’re thinking about painting a wardrobe then it follows that there’s a change in design occurring in the room and it may be that it isn’t just colour that needs to change. Being able to paint wardrobes is a question of your painting ability, the materials being used and the purpose of the painting you intend to do. It’s generally more favourable to choose new wardrobes than to paint existing ones.

7) Are fitted wardrobes old fashioned?

Everybody has their own preferences but more people are turning to fitted wardrobes as a means of adding value to their bedroom space. Trends are changing too in the way people treat their homes. People who initially feel like they would like to move house for reasons relating to the property itself often find that a better solution for them is to remodel certain rooms for functionality. In the bedroom, a bespoke fitted wardrobe is a great way to use every inch of space practically whilst still looking impressive.

8) Do wardrobes need doors?

Put simply, no. There are no strict rules with wardrobes but as long as you’re happy for your clothing to be on display then there’s no reason why you must have doors. In fact, it can be a more sensible option when floor space is at a premium as the presence of doors requires some thinking about the space into which the doors are going to open.

Considering walk-in wardrobes, it makes less sense to use doors because one of the most attractive features of this type of wardrobe is the ability to see your clothes and choose what you’re going to wear from the selection that surrounds you.

9) Do wardrobes have to be fixed to the wall?

Fixing a wardrobe to the wall is a safety feature so it is important. However, doing this can be very discrete and there’s no reason for this fixing to be visible.

Give your home a budgeted makeover this autumn


Do you want to decorate your home this autumn but you are on a shoestring budget?

Well! We at Capital Bedrooms think anyone and everyone can have a beautiful home if they want too. There are many ways one can create a stylish and welcoming home for yourself or your visitors without breaking the bank

First and foremost, you need to clean your house and get organised. Just by doing these two things, it will completely give a new outlook to your home.

Now move on to the most fun part- Decorating.

Read on to know more on how to spend less and get more on decorating your home.

Clear the Unnecessary

Don’t worry too much about what you can or cannot afford. Look at the things that are lying unwanted or worn out items that make your home look dull, get rid of them immediately.

Design that wall

Choose one wall and design or paint it the way you want. You can even try and paint it yourself or try using DIY kits available in the market. One can also use wallpapers or even wall decals to improve your style quotient.

Customize It.

Customize what you already have. If you have an old sofa or cushions customize it and mix and match it with your furniture. If you have an old side table lying around, paint it to another bright colour.

Go Green

Plants of any type bring in life to any dull room. It gives a white room a dash of colour. But if you’re not a plant person, you can also add in a few artificial ones and they too will brighten up and add life to your room.

Limelight that Centrepiece

You have any artwork or mirror frame lying around, repaint it or just simply polish it and make that your room’s focal point. It will change the vibe of the room and will give an impression that the entire room has been renovated.

Grab that Sale

Keep a lookout for any sales and offers on home decor and furnishings.

Many stores offer flat-out sales which can be affordable and reasonable.

Grab those offers and style up your home the way you want.

You are not alone when it comes to giving your home a makeover on a tight budget. Just follow our simple tips and you will be able to spruce up your home and revive every room as per your style and need.

Useful Tips on Identifying a Cupboard and a Wardrobe


There are quite a lot of differences between a cupboard and a wardrobe, which includes the appearance, usage and placement of it.

A cupboard can be any piece of furniture used to store kitchen equipment, utensils or even display a collection of items like; plates, porcelain, religious items or even small pieces of clothing that can be folded.

In the good old days, cupboards were used to display the wealth of the homeowner.

Today wardrobes are a specific type of storage used to store up clothes, accessories etc. Cupboards are generally placed in living rooms or kitchens, while wardrobes are placed mostly in bedrooms.

It is easy to distinguish between a wardrobe and a cupboard.

In centuries past, the cupboard mostly had four doors and three drawers. In the modern times, a wardrobe may have one, two and may even have six doors. It’s larger than a cupboard and typically has a mirror attached to at least one of the doors.

A wardrobe which is a type of cupboard has evolved over the years. A wardrobe now mostly stores clothes, daily wear accessories and sometimes even has storage space for shoes and bags

Another important aspect in identifying between a wardrobe and a cupboard is its location.

Most cupboards are placed living rooms or kitchens where they are frequently visited by guests. Whereas wardrobes are mainly found in more private areas of the home like the bedroom.

A cupboard and wardrobe are both mainly used as storage furniture. Both mostly made of our wood, but a wardrobe is more stylish and come in a variety of colours and finish.

If you look more carefully at the features of both the storage units and identify their usage, it will help you in telling the difference between both the cupboard and a wardrobe.

Liven up your Living Room

Modern Black Living Room Interior

Modern Black Living Room Interior


Home Living inspiration by Capital Bedrooms

Isn’t it comforting when you come home to a cosy and relaxing living room after a tiring day and settle in with a good cup of coffee, a good book or maybe your favourite show?

If its tranquillity you are looking for or just entertaining guest our few tips will surely bring in warmth into your living room.

Lay-over Layers

Layer up your living room and make it cosy and comforting with beautiful coloured rugs and pillows. They instantly warm up your room. Throw in a fluffy rug instead of a carpet rug under your side tables. Make extra room for guest with floor pillows for seating

Light up

Warm lighting is essential for a cosy living room. It’s good to get various elements of light and place them at different heights throughout the room. Use soft warm glow bulbs.

Polish it right.

Any old living room furniture lying around can be upgraded by simply polishing it well or re-painting it to match your living room decor. One can also use decorative furniture stickers available online or in the market. Colours like Gold and chestnut applied on fitted wardrobes make the atmosphere more appealing and inviting.

Book by Book

Place books strategically to give a positive vibe. Placing them under your coffee table or even using them as centrepieces can give it a lived-in feeling. You can even leave it on your side tables to give it a classy look.

Touch up with leather

Incorporate just one leather item like a single seater sofa or a recliner or even an armchair and it will warm up your entire space.

Let’s Plant it

Want to add a healthy dose of freshness to your room? Add in Potted plants and flower bouquets and bring in a touch of homeliness.

Frame a memory

Photo frames – colourful or black and white, with images of your favourite memories, add a personal touch to any space.

Collector’s Desire

Show of a bit with a display of personal collections from your travels or an inherited piece and you will always have a story to tell when you have family or friends over

If any of these ideas have inspired you to transform your personal space do let us know.

Get in touch with us at  or call us for more info.

Live it up in your living room.

Need more space? Move on to Sliding Wardrobes

brown grey sliding door

Sliding wardrobes are in vogue and have taken over the wardrobe production by storm.

They offer a wide range of functions and save you a great deal of space compared to a conventional hinged wardrobe. It not only helps you trim down clutter but also helps in a smart way of getting organised.

No Wastage of Space

Unlike hinged wardrobes that open out and wastes a lot of standing space, a sliding wardrobe gives you the advantage of using up a maximum amount for space to move about freely. It also gives you easy access to your things in one go without opening and closing many doors. Sliding door wardrobes can be customised as per your needs and wants.

Styling options

Sliding wardrobes come in a wide variety of style and colour options to suit your home decor. You can mix and match your linen and curtains to your wardrobe and give your home a superior look.

You can also upgrade and personalise it by using decorative mirrors, coloured glass, shaded or partly frosted mirrors, styling wood. Get creative and style it up your way.

Multiple Applications

Sliding wardrobes not necessary be just in your bedroom. It can be made use of even in living rooms kitchens and even offices giving you more room to fit in other furniture important to you. Sliding wardrobe with mirror finish can be used both as a wardrobe as well as a dressing mirror.

In an office it can be used as a multipurpose storage system to store office files and supplies in a more stylish way rather than the old boring conventional office cupboards, uplifting your mood at work.

Value for Money

Sliding wardrobes surely offer you the best in storage space, functionality and utility. They can be multipurpose both for homes and offices and can organise your personal and professional space and make life easier and hassle-free

Looking for more space, its time you consider upgrading to a sliding wardrobe.

Capital Bedrooms are always happy to help.


Small Bedroom? Not a problem anymore.

Matt Finish Small Bedroom

Fitted bedroom ideas for small bedrooms

Do you have a Small Bedroom and looking for furniture that fits in, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how you can make your bedroom a beautiful haven for you. We at Capital Bedrooms can prove to you that small spaces can be stylish too.

With all the ultra-modern designs and ideas making you work on your living room, sitting rooms etc, making you forget your bedroom, your most important place of your home. A place where you rest and get recharged to face another day. In fact, a small bedroom is a blessing in disguise. It makes you keep the clutter out of your place where you need peace and a space to breathe.

Here are small bedroom ideas to help you create a bedroom space that may be small, but is big in style.

Go White and Bright– For a small bedroom, its best to go white. It keeps your small space from looking to clustered and makes it look big on space. Combine your walls and wardrobe with designs that make your room look brighter. Add in some beautiful paintings to your wall and a stylish bedside lamp to give it a sophisticated look.

Choose your Corner -Choose a corner of your bedroom and push your bed into that end, giving you free space to add in whatever you need. It will also give you that cosy feeling. Add a modern touch to your bed by adding in a colourful headboard giving your bedroom a designer finish.

Bounce the Bulk – It’s time to get realistic and skip the bulky bed frames. It will give you a few inches of extra space that’s essential to your small bedroom. Move on to bespoke beds and pamper yourself to some beautiful comfortable furnishings that go with your walls and wardrobe.

Store under your Bed – It is best to look for beds that offer you enough of storage space underneath under your bed. Consider beds that have drawers that open out or even beds that open up vertically. Get creative with fitted Wardrobes A fitted wardrobe creates an instant space and can be customised to fit your bedroom and your wardrobe needs. The best part about a fitted wardrobe is that even if you have an oddly shaped bedroom it can fit into the tiniest corner and make use of every inch available, not leaving you with any wastage of space.

Do let us know if any of these ideas have inspired you to transform your personal space!

Get in touch with us at or call us for more info.

Enjoy transforming your house into your home

How to make sure you buy the right wardrobe fit for your home

capital fitted wardrobe

Your wardrobe is one of the most important piece of furniture in your home. It’s one of the biggest, as well as one of the most regular used – so how can you be sure of buying the wardrobe that best matches both your aesthetic and practical needs?

First, decide what you need

Are you looking for a wardrobe that fits in your clothes shoes and accessories or just simply looking for something simpler. A wardrobe needs to suit your personal style and requirement.

Alternatively, you may go for a wardrobe that also include a couple of drawers, or maybe a taller wardrobe, or one with a greater amount of shelf or hanging space.

Space matters not Size!

The thumb rule for choosing the most suitable size of wardrobe is to go for one that gives you enough room to fit in all that need.

If you low on room space to fit in your wardrobe, get it customised as per your space and dimensions of your bedroom.

The wardrobe’s dimensions matter here – those with small bedrooms, are advised to consider taller and narrower wardrobes that don’t take up much floor space .

Door to Door

Single Door wardrobes are a perfect example of the kind of wardrobes we mentioned above – they are tall and narrow, making them well-suited to tiny bedrooms where floor space is at a premium.

The most popular wardrobe type, however, is the double door wardrobe, which fits a small to average-sized bedroom and may incorporate a wide range of drawers, shelves, and hanging space.

Three-door, four-door and even mammoth five-door wardrobes are also available, and naturally, suit a variety of more specialised and demanding needs – including storage space for non-clothing items like towels and linen.

Choose a wardrobe matches your interior decor

If you have spend well on decorating your home with the best of the interiors, it’s always good to pay a little more attention on matching your wardrobe to your interiors.

A wide range and variety of furnishings and decals available to in the market to suit your style and personality.

Estimated Interior Decor Ideas for Your Home

home decor ideas by capital bedrooms

Estimated Interior Decor Ideas for Your Home.

Not everyone can spend big, when it comes to decorating their living room, dining room and bedroom.

That does not mean that you give up or  settle for the second best .

Upgrading your interiors or improving your style quotient of your house is not always linked to the amount of cash you spend.

By planning it right and being creative, you can decorate you house and make it a beautiful home

Some important tips and hacks for styling a home, if you on a tight budget.


Painting the entire interior of a house can transform it from mundane to inspiring!

The colour of the walls, door, windows, and furniture is detrimental to the overall look of a home. You can colour coordinate you interiors to your walls in an imaginative way and create new designs.

If you are short on cash but ready to invest some efforts, then painting it yourself can give your home a wonderful makeover.

You can make a statement with a feature wall or paint one of the rooms in an intense shade to show your personal style.


Today, markets are flooded with LEDs which are not only cost effective to run but also quite gorgeous to look at.

Investing in LED lighting solutions can be a great way to cut down on cost without cutting down on style. LED’s have high luminosity per watt, which makes them shine brighter without using up too much power. The latest designer LED lights are remote controlled and come with a variety of colour changing modes  to suit every mood


A bedroom is your personal space, where you spend most of your time. . To upgrade it, invest in some amazing colour coordinated bed sheets Duvets, matching curtains and a decent detachable headboard to create a fantastic effect in the room.


Windows are the focal point of a room. Adding  roller blind or highlighting them with matching curtains is a great way to enhance the look of your windows. Choose patterns and colour as a preference.


You can add mirrors for managing light in a room. Mixing and matching different styles of the mirror in a room provides it with an elegant look. You do not have to invest in pricey paintings to hang on walls if you have your own art collection of mirrors.


Just like your rooms, you can give your furniture a makeover by adding new designs and patterns.

Instead of buying expensive sofa’s one can also upholster their sofa’s to match with your interiors

Bring out the artist in you and decorate your furniture by sticking creative decals available online.