Working The Room – Make Clever Use of Your Space

A few years ago, the BBC reported that Britain’s largest home, Wentworth Woodhouse in South Yorkshire, featuring 350 rooms was up for sale.

For those of us unable to stretch to the £8 million asking price for Wentworth Woodhouse, owning a property with lots of wide open space and multiple rooms remains, in reality,  a distant dream.  Astronomical property prices, particularly within the capital, mean that the average family home has 4.8 rooms (including one or two bedrooms).  In a recent survey, 48% of families reported that they are unable to socialise at home due to lack of space, let alone spare the space for a hobby room or office.

One Room – Two Uses

Taking the above into consideration, it may be that you’ve given up on the idea of having that home office or playroom altogether but, don’t despair, by making clever use of the rooms that you do have, it’s still possible to make dual use of your precious space.  The following guide will help you to transform your spare room into an office, playroom or even a dressing room with minimum fuss and effort.

Clear the Clutter

First, start by having a thorough clear out of the room – if it’s a spare bedroom at the moment then, chances are that this is the place where broken equipment and old clothes come to die.  Be ruthless about what you do and don’t need to keep in order to free up as much space as possible.   

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Space

In many cases, the original purpose of the room is that of a guest room – which means, of course, that you need a bed (unless you have the kind of guests who are happy on the floor!)  These days, there are numerous affordable options when it comes to bedding solutions, including sofa beds and portable folding beds.  Unless you particularly need sofa seating within the room, the best (and most economical) option is the handy foldable bed which can be quickly and easily wrapped up and stored when not in use.

If you’re going to be using the room as a home office, you can also get your hands on a foldable desk and chair so that you can easily swap out the bed and desk whenever you need to – perfect for those unexpected guests!

In the Closet

Aside from the bed, the one object which usually takes up the most space in a guest room is the wardrobe.  The average wardrobe is 24 inches deep which, within a small room, can make a huge difference – many UK spare rooms fit within the 75.35 square metre bracket and so those 24 inches is quite a chunk.  The best way to optimise the space in the room is to invest in a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors.  Surprisingly affordable, fitted wardrobes help to maximise the space in a room as well as looking great.

Who Says Wardrobes are Just for Clothes?

A fitted wardrobe can be designed to your own specifications in terms of storage sections – which means that it can be made to measure for your folding bed or desk, making the whole process effortless.

Making Room is Child’s Play

If you’re looking to repurpose your guest room as a part-time playroom, the first, clearing out stage is of paramount importance.  Think about the minimum that a guest will need (bed, side table and a space for clothing) and remove everything else in order to have as much floor space free as possible for your child to play and explore.

As with the home office, if you’re including a desk in your playroom, foldable versions can be found cheaply in most major furniture stores along with a child sized chair for rest time.  Your fitted wardrobe can be designed for quick storage of children’s furniture as well as games, toys and books so you’re ready for those overnight guests again in no time at all.

When creating your dual purpose room, make sure that you take a look at the decor.  Teddy bear wallpaper is great for a playroom but, for an adult guest room, not so much.  Try to stick to pleasant, neutral shades for the walls and carpet – you can always add portable pictures and ornaments in order to personalise the room for each of its identities.

Whatever your planning to use your room for, a fitted wardrobe is the ideal solution.  Elegant, spacious and versatile, a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors can help you to reclaim your precious space and make the most of your home.

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