There is room for a dining area in every kitchen. With open designs, this living and cooking area connects with each other. If it is housed in the kitchen itself, depending on the size and layout of the room, it has the shape of a generous table. A table, a small folding or folding table solution is part of the cooking and preparation island.

In trend are cooking and preparation islands with an integrated breakfast bar, table or a supporting bar. In combination with modernism and comfortable seating, they provide a cosy, practical and beautiful-looking atmosphere.
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Generous dining areas for your kitchen

The size of the dining area always depends on the number of square meters of the room. A generous dining area can be realised in the form of a table with chairs or benches – which in terms of material and colour matches the kitchen interior to create a visual accent of kitchen and dining area due to their contrasting design. Different combinations of styles, colours, and materials are certainly possible.

In addition to free-standing dining tables, there are various options for how the dining area can be integrated directly into the kitchen. This is where the creative skills of the designer come into play. A bar or continuous worktop can be planned and used both as a work surface and as a dining area. As a normal dining area or bar – a bar area is suitable for both closed and open kitchens, where it forms a transition to the living area.

Oak Finish Kitchen
Oak Finish Kitchen

If you need modern open kitchen ideas for your open kitchen layout, please feel free to book a free designer visit with us. We are one of the leading pioneers in the modern free-flowing kitchen designs, manufacturing, and final fittings.

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