Fitted furniture for individualised kitchen


With bespoke furniture no two kitchens are the same. For modern homes and modern families, the cooking area should be a practical space where all the dishes, accessories and ingredients are easy to reach. No matter how much time you spend in the kitchen you can be efficient if the design is thought out, making it easy for you to cook fast and enjoy the experience.

Large or small, with plenty of natural light or not so much, inside a house or an apartment, you can create the kitchen of your dreams by using the space wisely and by adding the appliances and accessories needed to have a useful, luminous and elegant kitchen. With fitted furniture, lay out and spacing become functional. As cabinets are measured, designed and crafted to perfectly match the size of your kitchen there will be no bit of unused space remaining.

Everybody knows that storage space is important. With bespoke furniture you can have as much space as you need for all your dishes, cooking utensils, cooking ingredients and the needed kitchen appliances. In addition, you can personalise the interior storage area by selecting the lay out of your shelves, racks and drawers in order for you to have more functionality and neatly arranged space.

With fitted furniture you can benefit from the experience of our in house designers. A designer will help you with the lay out of the cabinets, will create a personal styled kitchen to match your needs and will come out with fresh ideas you might have missed. Professional advice comes in very handy to having the expected outcome.

When it comes to choosing the colours you should take into consideration how much natural light you have in your kitchen. If there is less, then you should choose lighter colours to brighten the space and you can add lighting accessories such as LEDs to increase the luminosity of the space. For brighter kitchens you can go ahead and choose darker shades and use the lighting accessories for a visual twist. No matter how bright your kitchen area is you can combine colours and lighting to make it look spacious and luminous.

Going back to the fact that no two bespoke kitchens are the same, one of the biggest advantages of deciding to have fitted furniture in your kitchen is that there are no boundaries when it comes to the design of the cabinets, you can choose the material, the colours, the finish, the knobs and the lighting. This is the way to obtain uniqueness.

When crafting bespoke furniture, manufacturers pay close attention to the details, work carefully with the selected material and provide a perfectly executed final result. Designers and craftsmen work closely together to create your perfect, personal and fitting kitchen furniture.

If functionality and uniqueness is what you are after when furnishing your cooking area than the solution for you is choosing fitted kitchen furniture. Designed with style, manufactured with elegance and with respect to the materials, made to perfectly fit your space and having the colours and accessories you want, fitted furniture has all the benefits for a modern and practical kitchen.

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