Woodgrains Finish Range

At Capital Bedrooms we have a wide colour pallete for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a natural wood grain finish or prefer a uni colour, you can pick your favourite from our numerous options. Colours and shape combined provide furniture with a specific style and design which is why we offer our customers assistance when it comes to selecting both the nuance and the configuration of their future furnishings.

While some prefer the natural wood aspect such as the Winchester oak, the tobacco pacific walnut, the grey Nebraska oak or the variety of the avola shades, and others would rather choose from the uni range of colours such as vanilla, burgundy, dust grey or saffron, at Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens the range of shades and natural grain is vast so that each piece of furniture is as unique as our customer creating it for. Usually the wood grain finishes are used for crafting a more traditional and country style furniture while the uni colour range is used for fabricating modern furniture designs, yet by combining the two or by combining different colour shades and wood grain types, one can obtain personalised furnishings. The benefit of bespoke furniture is that you are able to choose the design and the colours thus creating unique pieces for your home.

Colours are also known for the psychological effect they have on us, choosing the right nuances for the rooms in your home or your office means deciding upon how you want to feel while being in that certain room. Brown offers a pleasant, comfortable and warm feeling in included when fitting the wardrobes. White makes the room feel airy, clean and pure. Black is bold, sophisticated elegance, but use it with measure. Grey creates subtle elegance, too much of it creates boring or depressing environment. Yellow is like the sunshine, it gives optimism and brightness to the room. Red provides an energized and passionate feel to a room but some shades can feel aggressive. Orange is a vibrant colour, will give the room an enthusiastic mood and will make you feel energized. Pink is soothing and relaxing. Purple is the colour of power and royalty and can add a luxurious aura to the room, depending on the shade it can be ostentatious or relaxing. Blue is a calming colour, use light shades for a relaxing effect as dark shades can make you feel sad. Green is the most soothing colour for the eyes and has a calming effect when it is used as the main decorating colour.

Using the effect of colour, furniture can be crafted to inflict a certain vibe to the room and here, at Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens, we work closely with our customers in order to create personalised furniture to bring a feeling of comfort, energy or elegance to their home.