Six reasons to choose fitted furniture

When it comes to furniture you will always have these two choices, buy ready-made or bespoke. Though many believe that with ready-made furniture is easier, it might not be the case as after the purchase and when it arrives to your place you might still need to mount it yourself.

In addition, there will be empty places left as it is difficult to find the perfect sized furniture to best fit a certain room.

When it comes to bespoke furniture there are several advantages you can take into consideration, besides making intelligent use of the space you can add a bit of your personality in each piece. After all, when you have a role in creating something and you see it come to shape you get a sense of achievement and delight.

So what are some of the reasons why you should opt for fitted wardrobes built in London? Here are some examples:

  1. You can make the best use of the available space. No matter the size of the room you want to furnish, be it large or small, no matter the shape, be it round or square and no matter how tall the ceiling is, bespoke furniture will fit in precisely without leaving unused space. Big rooms can enclose a large number of furniture pieces, yet by crowding the room up you will only feel like suffocating. It is better to use the space wisely and instead of too much furnishing, choose fitted wardrobes to obtain a neat design and wide spacing. Small rooms are even more challenging. You want to have plenty of storage space even if the place is tiny. With wardrobes that are fitted good you can obtain that and you will no longer feel like the walls are closing in on you.
  2. You can personalise the space. Being unique is one thing people want, especially when it comes to your personal space. With fitted furniture wardrobes and cabinets you can joggle with design, colour and texture. You can add a bit of who you are into the final product. After all, when you say “this is my home” you can actually feel it. It will be a small representation of who you are when you decide to be involved in the process of creating the bespoke furniture.
  3. Rich storage space. With fitted wardrobes you do not need to worry about storage space. You can add as many shelves, drawers, hangers and cabinets you please in order to have an organized interior. You will no longer have to spend too much time finding your clothes or accessories or shoes as they will all be arranged, making it easier for you to choose what will you wear, each day, every day.
  4. Material of your choice. With bespoke furniture you can choose from a wide range of materials, you will be able to pick by texture, colour and grain. Every type of material has its own properties. Natural wood has various grain patterns. Finishes add elegance and style while playing with colour is interesting and fun rather than an overwhelming task.
  5. Expert advice from designers. When you opt for fitted wardrobes you benefit from expert advice provided by the manufacturer’s designers. None is implying that choosing the right material, style, colour or interior options for your fitted wardrobes is simple. Yet, when you have the counsel of a skilled furniture designer you are on the right path to creating the furniture of your dreams. Knowing that you have someone you can trust when implementing your ideas is an important factor leading to the expected result.
  6. Long period guarantee. At Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens we strive to achieve and exceed our customer’s expectation. We work carefully and passionately to provide high quality furniture. Due to the way we work we reassure our clients of the outcome and we offer a 10 years guarantee to every piece of furniture we create.

So what do you think? Which option is more practical, choosing ready-made furniture or bespoke furniture? All in all, whatever you decide, make sure you have created the best home for yourself that you could. After all, home is not a place, it is a feeling.

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