Custom-made Kitchens fitted fast with the biggest furniture factory

If you could have a custom-made fitted kitchen, what would it look like and what would you have in it?
To get some ideas, you could start by looking at magazines or browsing the internet. You may also have your basic kitchen idea like but finding yourself a bit stuck on how to go further – You have nothing to worry about as there are many companies that offer a complete design and build service.

Your existing kitchen size and shape of your kitchen will determine what sort of design you will be able to have and how it will be laid out. Having a fitted kitchen makes the most of the space you have available and allows you to have the most storage space. If you are completely refurbishing your kitchen, you can have as many or as few units as you want, and you can build around whatever requirements you have.

The great thing about a fitted kitchen is that you can customise it to be your own with everything fitting together well. Free-standing furniture in kitchens tends to be less roomy and can look unusual if the pieces don’t match properly. Another disadvantage of free-standing furniture is that you will have to pull it all out from time to time to clean behind it. Whereas with fitted furniture you don’t have that extra inconvenience.

Your fitted kitchen will reflect your personality. The uniqueness and individuality with shine out through your home. Fitted kitchens also have the advantage of having good easy-care worktops. It is always recommended to spend as much as you can on this, as inexpensive cheap ones will very soon begin to look shabby and tattered.

A good quality fitted kitchen will last for countless years and remain in excellent condition. Choose a reputable and trustworthy company such as Capital Bedrooms. We make sure to listen to your fitted kitchen needs and provide you with excellent advice. Housing one of the biggest fitted furniture factories in the UK, with a brand-new cantilever steel racking system, so our delivery time will be dramatically fast, extremely efficient and organised.

We understand that cooking is just as important, so we’d like to make you fitted kitchen a pleasurable experience to be in. So check out our website or give us a call to have your fitted kitchen designed and installed by experts at Capital Bedrooms. After all, we are here to help you.

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