What does it take to Love your Home?

Every person who had to furnish and decorate their home knows it is difficult, time and money consuming, requires a lot of imagination and advance planning to get your home to look nice. It takes double the effort to make you love it but not necessarily twice the budget. Creativity and personalization help a lot. And while there are plenty of expert interior designers, sometimes styling the space yourself could be a more rewarding experience. After all, you will leave your print in every stage of the furnishing and decorating process.

No matter how you choose to do it, with the help of an expert designer, or decorating on your own, I believe the one thing making you love every inch of your home, is customization. Adding some of your personality into styling your place will transform it. It will no longer be just a space but it will be your home, your comfort zone, the place for you to rest your body and soul at the end of each day and the start off point of every morning. Personalize your space for you, you and your loved one, or for you and your family and allow it to truly represent you, your individuality, your passions and your design preferences.

Interior design, steps for decorating:

So how do you do it? I believe there are a few basic and important steps you need to consider when you start designing and furnishing your home. For starters, you choose the colour palette, for each room. Second, you should try to imagine where each furniture item will be placed. Next, you should decide upon an interior design style. After that, you can start looking for furnishings and home appliances, this phase might give you some headaches. Next step would be picking out the extras, and last but not least the final touches. So let’s go through all of these.

Choose the colour palette. This refers to the walls, the tiles, the flooring. You should decide upon the colour, for each room in your home. And while you are at it, think carefully about colour combinations, so that you won’t regret getting a colour which is difficult to match with other colours. Imagine the placement for each furniture item Close your eyes, open them and try to visualize the way you would want a room to look like. You should do this for every room inside your home. This is an exercise for your imagination which will help you make as little improvement as possible after all furniture is set in position.

Often times, reaching the perfect final result can take some retouch done at the end of the furnishing process. Decide upon an interior design style This does not mean that your entire home has to have the same design but, you should make sure the interior design style has a flow. Most of the times, we tend to stick to the same design, yet you can choose to have a different interior design for each room. Or, you can just spice things up and joggle with two or three interior design styles for the entire home. Start looking for furniture and home appliances with the colour palette and the interior design in mind, you can dive into purchasing furniture and appliances for your home.

When it comes to furniture, in my opinion, the best way to have a personalized space is by getting fitted wardrobes in London. Experienced manufacturers such as Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens can help you put your soul into furnishings. The professional designers and dedicated craftsmen have been helping home owners customize their homes for the last two decades and continue to do so with fitted wardrobes, bespoke bedroom furniture, bespoke kitchen furniture and all sorts of fitted cabinets and furniture items for each room in the house.

Home appliances are very important and they also have to blend in with the furniture and the interior design. Luckily, these days appliances come in different shapes and colours so you can get the best combination for an impeccable visual aspect. Get the extras Not less important, curtains, lighting fixtures, rugs and bed sheets enhance and improve the style of your home. These additional items emphasize the décor and help you create the ambiance as a whole.

The final touches These are the little details which complete the bigger picture. I am talking about decorative pillows, vases, picture frames, paintings, blankets, lamps, sculptures and any other ornament you can think of to truly imprint your personality in the house. The process of decorating your home, from scratch or home improvement needs your involvement. And when you are involved in creating the design of your home you can rest assured you will truly fall in love with it.

Your home will be part of who you are, and who you are will be a part of your home. And while the paint, tiles, floorings, curtains and extras can be bought on the spot, for a wise usage of the space, purchasing custom made furniture makes all the difference. As any home is different and your taste differs from others, with bespoke furnishing you genuinely leave a personal mark on every room. As with an experienced manufacturer such as Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens, you benefit from the advice of an interior designer. He or she will listen to your needs and desires and will work closely with the craftsmen to create the ideal fitted wardrobes and personalized furnishing for your beloved home.

Fitted wardrobes and bespoke furniture, advantages to consider:

Perfect fit No matter the size and the shape of your home, with custom made furniture you will be able to use all the available space. There will be no empty corners or unutilized areas left outside. With fitted wardrobes you will achieve an elegant design and wide spacing, whether your rooms are large or small. Personality With bespoke furniture you can add a bit of your personality to your private space. You get to play with colours, textures, shapes and accessories so that the final product truly represents you and your taste.

Having customized furniture will make you love your home as it will have a part of your soul in it. Organized storage space Add as many shelves, drawers, cabinets, hangers, baskets and any other clothing and shoe accessories so that when you open your fitted wardrobe you won’t feel like everything is about to fall down on you. With bespoke furniture you can distribute the storage space as you please so that each and every item is orderly placed inside. Material of choice When you decide to get bespoke furniture you have the advantage of choosing the type of material or materials you want it to be crafted of. And it’s not just the type of wood but also the material for the handles, bars, hangers and other metal accessories. In addition to the material, you can also choose the colours and shades of your future fitted wardrobes plus lighting solutions for a playful and luminous final result.

Expert designer advice As selecting the best material, colour, style and accessories is no easy deal, fitted wardrobes manufacturers has at your disposal a professional designer. He or she will offer you suggestions and solutions so that your personalized space looks harmonious. Trusting someone to help you implement your thoughts and needs is a great relief. You can rely on their expertise and blend it with your taste to obtain the ideal, homey appearance of the place. Superior quality Professional furniture manufacturers only use high quality raw materials. So it is not just about the visual aspect and the interior storage space, with fitted wardrobes you can rest assured you make an investment for a lifetime. This brings us to the next advantage. 10 years guarantee At Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens every fitted wardrobe and bespoke furniture item manufactured has a 10 years guarantee, a statement of quality and professionalism. Built to last, fitted wardrobes are the best choice for every person who appreciates quality and comfort.

Personalized furniture requires close attention to details and to your needs, makes the most of the available space, has the style of the owner imprinted in it and makes you truly feel satisfied with your home. Yet when all of your requirements are met, there is nothing left for you to do but to feel comfortable and enjoy getting home every day. Now that we have tackled the most important aspects of bespoke furniture and fitted wardrobes and having gone through all the steps required to have your house or apartment as original and customized as possible, you can start painting, furnishing and decorating.

As I have mentioned before, don’t be thrown off guard by the proportion of the home decoration project. It takes time, energy, money, imagination and inspiration to get it done. But when it comes to your personal space it is more than worthwhile. For in order to love your home and fall in love with it every time you enter inside, you need to work hard, to personalize it and to leave a mark of your own style and soul in every aspect of the décor. From colours and tiles, fitted wardrobes, accessories and the extras, getting involved and choosing the items which best represent you, will do the trick. And is how you get to love your home, each day, every day.

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