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Curved Doors

Welcome to the world of Curved Doors!

Having curved doors fitted furniture in your home softens the look of your space and makes it look unique and special. If you have been thinking about installing curved doors, you are now in the right place.

At Capital Bedrooms, we have a huge range of top quality curved doors and S-shaped designs in many different finishes including lacquered and hand painted wood colours. We work closely with manufacturers from Spain, Italy and Germany who supply us bespoke, best quality products.

If you want to melt away at the sight of sweeping white lacquered curved door fronts with a touch of rich walnut surround, with indirect lighting and a curved flyover, matching curved or S shape bedside drawers and white curved designer dresser units matching a white and walnut warm king size bed in your bedroom, contact us, and we will make your dream become true.

Why choose Capital Bedrooms? Because we have the creative knowledge and up to date technology of the changing trends and we are always one step ahead of our competitors. With our in-house design team and creative research team, we are always looking for innovative ideas for our beautiful high quality fitted wardrobes.

Our Portfolio of Curved Doors

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